Our Guidebook!

Hello everyone!

We have a Guidebook this year so you can access all the convention information you will need on your phone!

Simply download the Guidebook app from your app store and search for “Animeland Wasabi 2017” or just use our link: http://guidebook.com/app/GuidebookShortname/guide/alw2017/

Our Guidebook will always have the most updated version of the schedule and will reflect any schedule changes as they happen!

You can also find convention maps you may need to navigate your way around the event.

Physical schedules will, as always, be available at the convention.

Day Pricing

Door Passes (Available at the door and Online)

  • Sales tax of 9.25% will be applied to all credit card transactions taken at the door.
  • All sales for weekend and day passes beginning February 10th, 2017 are final.
  • Any lost/stolen/missing badges will NOT be replaced.  You will be required to purchase a new one.

Fandoms: Opening Horizons

Using Anime and Manga as away to explore the outside of the Anime world and enjoying everything you have seen and done. Enjoying the world of Fandoms in general, discussing it openly and crossing borders and finding new discoveries.