Ask Osomatsu-San!

Get ready to meet the cast of Osomatsu-San, the popular anime about sextuplets that still can’t seem to get their lives together!

Bring your questions for leader Osomatsu, dramatic Karamatsu, uptight Choromatsu, lazy Ichimatsu, energetic Jyushimatsu, sly Todomatsu, and their childhood friend who keeps them all in check!

Are we doing murder?

Do you think you can solve the class trial? Join your favorite characters from Super Dangan Ronpa Two in solving the mystery of who killed their classmate. Afterwards there will be a Q and A with the characters!

Fanfic and Fantasy Map Making 101

Writing a Fanfic or novel and want to include a map of your world or city? Don’t know where to start or how to scale things properly? Come and join us for hands on map creation with an expert map maker with 20+ years experience.

Form Armor on the Cheap

Ever want to know how to make cosplay armor like in Full Metal Alchemist, Dead Space or Mass Effect and other props like a Pipboy 3000, and don’t know where to start or even what to use, and want to save money? Come join us for this fun filled panel showing examples of armor making and a hands on tutorial crafting basic armor pieces.

Photo credit: Punished Props

Japanese Facts You Didn’t Know

Did you know that Japan has their own native people? Or that a Japanese diplomat rescued 6000+ Jewish people form the holocaust in WWII? And that Japanese-Americans fought the Germans and Italians in WWII? Come learn other unknown and interesting facts about Japan.

Chinese Ghost Lore (16+)

An introduction to China’s complex and fascinating ghost lore. We’ll examine ghosts and the walking dead in Chinese folk tales, literature, superstition, religion, and cinema, in a fun and informative tour of Chinese afterlife beliefs.